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    This webcast is a production of first-year students in the Broadcasting – Radio and Contemporary Media program at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

  • The Tragically Hip rock sell out crowd in Oshawa

    Story and Photos by Joseph Walsh

    The Tragically Hip returned to the General Motors Centre on Wednesday night to perform in front of their third straight sellout crowd in Oshawa. The atmosphere was electric, the music was loud, and the crowd was even louder.SinclairandBaker1[3]

    The Canadian rock icons kicked off the night with some of their hits, including “My Music at Work,” and then jumped into the core performance of their “Fully Completely” tour, playing their 1992 hit album of the same name from front to end. As soon as The Hip began playing the album (about five songs in) a multimedia component was added to backdrop the music with very Canadian feeling images and scenery accompanying each song.

    Lead singer Gordon Downie was animated and lively throughout, engaging the crowd and prancing around stage as usual. The showmanship from the entire band was outstanding; it sincerely felt like The Hip were giving it their all.

    The hockey loving city of Oshawa got really boisterous with the playing of “Fifty Mission Cap” and the arena was filled with waving lighters for the song “Wheat Kings.” Upon completion of the album and a “thank you music lovers!” from Downie, The Hip returned for an encore to play popular songs such as “Bobcaygeon” and “New Orleans is Sinking.”JohnnyFay[5]

    It seems for a band like The Tragically Hip, going backwards in time and triggering nostalgia was a good move pushing forward. For fans of the band young and old, the concert was entertaining — fully and completely.

    The Hip kicked off their North American tour in January, which will continue well into October.

  • Oshawa says Yes to rock and roll history lesson

    YES1 - Kait Tarrant

    Story and photos by Kait Tarrant

    Oshawa music fans took a trip to a parallel rock ‘n’ roll universe for the recent Yes concert at The General Motors Centre.

    Lucky for fans of the band – now spanning six decades since its inception in 1968 – this is exactly what they came for.

    Not many bands nowadays could start off a show with an 18-minute, intricately arranged song, “Close to the Edge” originally recorded in 1972, and still get a standing ovation out of it. In the vapid, mass produced and contrived world of rock music in 2014, surely this would be a recipe for artistic suicide. But for Yes, it’s a reason the band is still around over 45 years later.YES2 - Kait Tarrant

    Yes performed three albums – 1972′s “Close to the edge,” 1977′s “Going for the one,” and 1971′s “The Yes Album” – over two sets spanning two and half hours. The first three songs alone spanned a little over 40 minutes.

    The band took small breaks in-between to interact with their audience, but the night was solely reserved for music and listeners didn’t have a problem with that. As many times as they have played these songs they still sound fresh. This genre-defining band has some of the finest music in progressive rock. It isn’t dance music. Concertgoers didn’t dance the night away to the psychedelic songs. If anything, fans were silently and intently listening to the various melodies weaving in and out of the songs.YES3 - Kait Tarrant

    Not only did Yes show that their admittedly old art rock is still relevant, but they are damn good at pumping it out.  For the sake of all that is good in rock music, let’s all hope they can keep doing it for a little while longer.

  • R5 brings slice of tween heaven to GM Centre

    IMG_5250_72ppiStory & photos by Natasha Douglas

    A wide variety of fans gathered together at the General Motors Centre on April 8th to rock along and get loud with the Lynch siblings, Ross, Riker, Rocky, Rydel and the fifth member Ellington Ratliff. The concert was the 6th show in the Canadian leg of R5’s 2014 Louder World Tour and they did not disappoint.

    The band kicked off their Oshawa show with “Fallin’ for You” and performed various songs from their debut studio album including, “Cali Girls”, “I Want U Bad”, “Ain’t No Way We’re Goin’ Home” and their album titled track, “Loud.” Each song was played with inarguable skill and passion, with Ross Lynch stealing the show. The band rocked out on stage, seemingly tireless and maintained an amusing banter on-stage between songs creating an enjoyable show for everyone.





    I thought R5 put on a phenomenal show and they showcased their musical talent and ability. The crowd was excited and relished every note, making the experience a memorable one for me. With high energy and the crowd singing along to every song, I enjoyed the concert immensely and would recommend going to an R5 concert the next time they are in tow.

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  • Barenaked Ladies onstage at the GM Centre


    Photos and review by Emma Pugsley

    Hundreds of cheering fans gathered together at the General Motors Centre on February 9th to support and groove along with the The Barenaked Ladies. The concert was one of the many that were part of their 2013-2014 Canadian Tour. The guys  kicked the show off with the songs “Limits”, “Never Is Enough” and their ever famous “Pinch Me.” The crowd was pleased and in a BNL bliss as the band played many of their newer tracks as well as their well known and loved songs of the 90’s. If you missed the concert you can check out their website www.barenakedladies.com to find more concert dates for 2014!



  • Great Big Sea Rocks Out at the General Motors Centre

    Great Big Sea played at the General Motors Centre on Nov. 28.

    Great Big Sea played at the General Motors Centre on Nov. 28.

    Story and photos by Kyle MacDonald

    Great Big Sea returned to the General Motors Centre on November 28th and brought enough energy to get thousands of adoring fans on their feet.

    Embarking on their 20th anniversary tour, the band played two sets of high-energy, East Coast inspired rock. You could not deny their passionate, presence and their humour. Jokes were thrown around, the band poked fun at each other, and speaking to the crowd, they thanked the fans for supporting them over the years. The band has a long history of hits and listening to the band perform, you could tell they have years of experience under their belts.GreatBigSeaweb2

    Some highlights included the band’s ability to transition from slow songs with acoustics and then jump back into swinging rock songs. Not many bands can pull this off as well as Great Big Sea. The crowd was dancing, screaming, chanting and loving every minute. The energy in the GM Centre made you feel good. It was contagious.